[Guangdong is saved] [achieve formerly] [in Octob广州桑拿信息论坛er 2017 XX day] the Yan Tang millet of the kill two hawks with one arrow after the section (send guangzhou alone)

[Guangdong is saved] [achieve formerly] [in October 2017 XX day] the Yan Tang millet of the kill two hawks with one arrow after the section (send SIS alone)[building phoenix address] : Exit of A of station of subway of pond of Ouyan of white cloud of city of Guangdong province Guangzhou makes an appointment with 339 meters some village 2 buildings[find fragrant time] : In October 2017 XX day (space of time having a place forgot ten numbers)[service project] : XCZ, bee is collected butterfly, BT, MY, buttock is pushed, lick socks of egg, ML, silk, uniform[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : 80[environmental equipment] : Two bedrooms[serve time] : Pick up the telephone to be free (had better make an appointment to arrive ahead of schedule ahead of schedule)[price level] : 500/1 (50min) 900/2 (80min) . 1600/Y is not restricted frequency (maintain the word maybe that also rises early 3 times the following day dead to still can come actually)[safety factor] : 100% (all sorts of places return freely to had not given a job)[download address] : Thread-7412200-1-1.html[seek fragrant course] : Millet is friend of a few wolves recommend say to hold out pretty good, make me OK also try, reckon the moral character with them is to want to let me step on those who step on a dot for certain of course, then the connection way that wanted millet; As a result of busy September a many month did not rest, also accompany even the girlfriend without time direct busy arrived in October the middle ten days of a month, originally today is to the job is arranged in Yan Tang here around, although know weather reason with respect to change the date, preparing to put oneself a small letter was sent to have a meal midday about to the girlfriend when the day is false, get she wants to drive plan to reckon dinner wanted to be solved in the company today replying. Since such I am not loath, be forced oneself go having a thing, the roadside around Yan Tang spreads out original plan eats what come home, but brush the friend circle that brushed circle of small letter friend to see millet, this falls child remember I also did not resolve physiology demand for ages suddenly, successive the job of a many month is moment the little brother that gives oneself is loosened loosened, does then small letter ask millet has time? Do not have almost next next, but was removed by hold up desire fire is not to say to press what can press, be forced to look for other girl to ask, the still is like village of meaning, dream and person, far peace and happiness boob around beautifuls child asked, do not have echo, is friend of this workaday big so much midday wolf queueing up? Every girl does not have time, be forced to go the family around buys bottle of Wang Laoji to go reduce internal heat. Subsequently, small when buying Wang Laoji letter rang, looking is to reply flexibly I, say to be made an appointment with this morning full! Does my heart think: ? Does ∧ of the mulberry before emperor knock Cong Ti to carry palpitate  on the back to make fun of Ke Jingli thoroughfaring? that afternoon or in the evening? Got wanting the earliest in the evening at 7 o’clock, should still be about one two? So flourishing should be very pretty good for certain, then the service that made an appointment 2 times in the evening at 7 o’clock. Next, of land add add reply I, but crucial is millet it is the 2nd reply my, say a bit have time afternoon, I was to should save close fire to just go of course, the reply on the horse is OK. Make an appointment be in after the success an emperor tea around (princely still pull tea) not be very remembered, it is inn of tea with milk anyway, sat two hours, arrived next 12:50 when millet asks me: When to arrive? I say: I am sitting to wait for you to direct in the inn of tea with milk around, next millet lets me wait a bit again, passed await endlessly again (actually namely 2 minutes) millet begins how-to I go upstairs, also be to had held out those who search actually, do not pass even if fear a bit. The little brother that is waiting endlessly to issue me is already thirsty and intolerable, an encounter is pretty good still, without too big drop, although the price of 500 is a bit small expensive but still calculate can accept limits in, after all in the evening flexibly price sex price is compared taller, say millet first nevertheless, millet the feeling that the first impression 0757佛山js论坛is adjacent home elder sister, although the data writes 22 years old, but my individual thinks to follow me actually about the same (26) , the figure is not poor the figure that also is not fat standard of comparison, the bosom does not consider great skill OK to master, the skin is normal color of skin! The picture that puts after all is the United States became white for certain, grow hair and waist with respect to the hair that is her finally, this is very scarce. In into house miserable and shabby a few alleviate after a few somes of awkwardness, hand in Qian Zhi to approach a theme, go bathing first the process cleans AB face key simply to wash JJ actually, but in bathing process of my in a way make be nodded bad, millet stature is not tall in the bathroom by me none laborious hold in the arms removed little (this also is the opinion that has sought a someone) , still say to did not think of you are so light for fun, hold in the arms rise complete not laborious hey! Little of course not she grows boast boast beautifully figure good skin laughs glossily very attractive, with me dark a certain schoolgirl that has loved special picture (this is a bullshit of course) the feeling is connected time praise next amusing getting millet also is quite happy, next I am advanced room. Lie on the bed hind I with respect to anxiously look at millet to enter a room, next millet lets my face about make rear service first. I: Ah! The peerless that turns around to cannot see you are extremely beautiful fragrant was allowed? Millet: The extremely beautiful peerless of where like the person that fragrant look gets so that the family resembles ancient costume opera, you not I cannot do face about in the past the reverse side served! I: Must do the reverse side first? I want to see your fine face more, see your beautiful figur广州喝茶上课网站e, see you the goddess that this lets me mesmerize. Millet: Good! See you want how to long look to you how long, see you you think this pitiable eye how with respect to how! I: Alas! Angry? I this is darling bending over, you come! Ask tenderness a bit oh! Next rear service falls in a pleasant atmosphere began, him feeling that does not know how to be done today the skin is especially sensitive sensitive when buccal acute diseases such as cholera and sunstroke and wave are pushed place is a bit urticant, and the place that millet was like to discover I am urticant does me ceaselessly, till me yell, say goddess where do you do me very urticantly, subsequently millet says, bearing to me let you dally with me, I am dallied with in the bathroom I am dallied with on the bed, dare still dally with me? Good! I surrendered, then millet with respect to forgive I, had turned over a body to did the front to serve eventually next, my opportunity came, because the front serves me not quite sensitive so very smooth had taken technological process of whole obverse side, it is to roamed to patronize the trigonometry area near my tit and JJ mainly first, subsequently I ask 69, beautiful acupuncture point of a face about shows millet I at the moment, no matter much hey 69 the first pace still wants first smell one smell, feel next, but without dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, because my individual shows work is not quite good, had not drilled magical hand points to, buckle easy harm the other side to also can reduce the libidinal cost of the other side substantially in disorder, still use the magical tongue with my old practice so, this is not I am blown really, after a lot of girls had tasted my magical tongue basic very put so that leave, the reason is unidentified, nevertheless I think after all I can receive even her sexual organs benefit from tongue to serve opposite party, natural good impression is spent also can promote, and after be being licked, the woman is met commonly very want so 69 if the wolf is friendly people be willing to try, add an exercise to perhaps can have his more alone door secret Ji, the topic is pulled far, below the confluence that blends each other in this 69, asing if is a contest like have a competition, I lick a tongue to insert the love that sucks next millet with the mouth chattily in an another tongue juice is gradually much also rise, and millet is in what enjoy below each my take by storm to stop to play a vertical bamboo flute, erupt millet has answered a god to come is a vocal mimicry that play a vertical bamboo flute greatly next, licking JJ like licking Popsicle occasionally, want to be contained in the mouth to be twined with the tongue like meat chopper occasionally, be in one time you come the millet on the road of my go toing already desire fire burns a body, from her reddish cheek can see the mood that she yearns for to want, the female on top with respect to too impatient to wait sat after it is good to opened to cover an area, the JJ that is me only is a bit long to millet, the fluctuation that can crouch partly only is covered lane, physical strength was not raised very quickly also, it is normal to be changed next, in churn and smoke both hands of double leg of the millet below the commutation that insert to begin clamp my back and hip, I also am complying with millet press close to the body of millet but not be to be pressed in millet body to go up, however the 广州桑拿信息论坛propping up me squarely body antebrachium that antebrachium shows 90 ° is extended wear into millet shoulder back and lumbar cuddle the body press close to of millet my body, as our arm tighten up, from hold both sides in arms closely hold the other side of clamp of the other side in arms, smoke those who insert frequency to intensify accelerating with mine, gradually the desire of ejaculation is stronger and stronger also, arrived when the high speed sprint that there can be no turning back must send reason seems left I and millet, she suddenly kissed my cheek to be in readily we I am light when 4 eye photograph looks the lip that kissed millet, millet does not have resistance, but also did not cater to, in gently after was being contacted, we staggered again, I continue to immerse oneself in quicken sprint, shot the spermatozoon that a this many month accumulates finally, at this time I and millet still are in closely hug a move in chess or a movement in wushu minute, just loosened the double arm that embraces closely, and excuse just the impulsive act that kissed her lip gently, millet also did not express without life already, with respect to hum, responded to my excuse. I am again subsequently simple rinse, get dressed go person, it is OK to must say these 500 experience still is, but the be to one’s profit that does not have expect, right Loufeng level is for millet whole, although also do not calculate conspicuous but it is good to compare not little Lou Feng at least, and service respect can say to have only but much not more unspecified佛山按摩论坛0757最新, after all 500 do time to be mixed more closely after all less, although saying to still can come again next time on the mouth, but look twice 900 a bit small still in me expensive, it is not easy to make money now after all, all trades and professions is making price war, the price is lower and lower, workload is increasing, so 900/2 second the individual is not recommended, the perception that says to want to want to had experienced a girl completely really really nevertheless or need more time, I also had tried a few girls previously, 1 experience feels very fine, also have 2 times with respect to what dropped many class, the wolf that looks to want to go nevertheless is friendly people go or still see him consider twice. Do not pass last a little bit, it is individual proposal, what I have what the friend says I am recommended to say with me is different, the condition that my friend says also was not encountered after me again, I think this is the lot of person and person, some I went feeling hole but my friend goes finish come to an agreement or understanding, also is the problem of lot, very much after all element brings about a result different, likely her mood is bad today, my appearance is not that kind that she likes, interest that I do not have successful hold up to remove her alleviates what awkward atmosphere waits a moment is possible, but have a bit I am to listen to a lot of girls to say, be late is the most troublesome, because the wolf is friendly people verbal commitment is more very when making an appointment with, put a plane to hit to the dot not those who understand a telephone call is very much, because be late,want a service to reduce time next, so a series of difference of the manner that urge a bell came out. Not bad I am in advance perhaps arrives at what await near destination one hour half hours to had not encountered such situation so about every time, want me basically only punctual had not tried by the plane other perhaps condition. Favorite everybody clicks hearts to support please! Garden of the 2nd wintersweet can be sent later flexibly. 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