[Beijing] [achieve formerly] [in Feburary 2017 Xx day] Mi Ya of Ts of ad全国茶资源信息ieu highest grade (send guangzhou alone) the attention is TS, do not be fond of do not enter! . . .

[Beijing] [achieve formerly] [in Feburary 2017 Xx day] Mi Ya of Ts of adieu highest grade (send SIS alone) the attention is TS, do not be fond of do not enter! . . . Edition advocate leave a messageSaiyamato(2017-3-2 23:31) : Offer connection way please, so that check grading. Use right seminar playing role to get grading more effectively. [building phoenix address] : Near strong pine[time of test and verify] : In Feburary 2017[service project] : MYKHDLGJ[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : Figure 100 services 80 colour values 80Abundant breast fat buttock, the waist is not thick, JJ is very amused. [environmental equipment] : Newer, TS resides the village alone, decorate pretty good[recieve time] : The phone makes an appointment[price level] : 1000/P, attention, new wolf friend should be 1200[download address] : Thread-7039932-1-1.html[safety factor] : 100 (was not caught to be safe) It doesn’t matter of the school after the Spring Festival thing, the egg of idle of all day long of little younger brother aches, look at numerous schoolgirl to want beauty not to want temperature by day, the blood of animal of little younger brother that skirt of small skin of big black silk often sees is boiling, contact machine playing one of the pieces in Chinese chess every day then girl, a lot of girls return how to did not come back, otherwise is the flesh Jin Fei goes up, the girl with very general quality ask for a favor is now 1400, machine condemnation also lends broad local tyrant here while the silent in the heart studies divine animal, to maintain MC market, maintain XJ quality and service level not to drive up at random please fleshy gold, if things go on like this develops price of day of LJ girl dehisce piles on the market namely finally. Claver stops, recursive theme. Tell a state last week one brother spends birthday, because th广州夜生活娱乐QESe Spring Festival did not get together to prepare to borrow so machine drink a dot well, boast greeted each other after Jin Ziyin meet and discuss at 5 o’clock, 8 people dry 10 bottles of Lu are special, another sees a table already at 8 o’clock half, together with does not have story of little Liao Xiangyan on wine desk, decide collective goes out then below HAPPY, this plan kills Langfang continuously, but have partial person not approve of, add Yan Jiao to fall into enemy hands already, can head for KTV of 8 lis of bridges only then try one’s luck of a street. Contacted the mammy of acquaintanceship, go in directly after the room after arrangement, girl quality is general but price of not let sb down. Played to be able to cut subject to begin to talk about the price that take away, result Ni Ma TM is to set the B that get, ask for a favor with respect to TM1000 or 1500, part on bad terms then. Small wolf stays alone after numerous brother parts company at the door, although wine bug sperm go up together head but had not become foolish B is big, draw out machine of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun to begin to search electric script for story telling, what think at that time is it is good to would rather spend money at any rate not less to strike him sense, because time is too late,the result may be, connecting hit 89 phones to not have receive listen, small wolf has been close to despair, suddenly finger comes up against T word column, lighten out is not little the contact of TS prefix, be not to stretch tight really, call to Lei Lei first, inform in Shanghai, see Mi Ya later, evoke the memory before rising, the tit that strong milk stands firm and be like the abundant buttock like basketball to emerge simultaneously in my brain. Put through eventually through awaiting a phone endlessly, enquire at once whether can look for her, tell outer now side even 1 many hour just can go, I say to want not urgently to be able to be done only go. Before taking a taxi rapidly then, go to 100 child bay, after arriving, waited to meet again does Mi Ya hit a phone to ask I am in? Arrived to do not have? My respecting, be in 100 child bay, the result informs me to already moved strong pine, designed still apology says to forget to say with me very I am sorry… alleged the road to happiness full of hardships, can hurry only interest of fight in some places one by one is slack, fortunately this at long last twists and turns of it doesn’t matter, near hind remote control of rice Ya phone reachs a village, small wolf smoked a smoke to drink the Ma of hall of two canister colleague to block cool tea again, medicinal powder medicinal powder wine is angry, go upstairs. The Mi Ya after opening the door gave small wolf a hug directly, before the bosom two round plentiful and substantial are strong press in small wolf wind, rice Ya height 170 the left and right sides, it is TS after all, height has assure, compare small wolf only slightly short, lowered his head to come namely a kiss. [the word outside saying a problem here, TS is not actually good because of disposition of a lot of reasons, bad also contact (environment of physiology element, society, affect plus medicaments) , but want broad wolf friend to put down bias to offer enough esteem and care only, TS compares true female to produce the feeling that depends on the and so on that love admire easily still to you even sometimes, the service rises natural more attentively. The TS of the high quality that small wolf has contacted does a sense need not the woman is poor. ] later change a shoe to pour water to take a seat, saw Mi Ya carefully wear force together tight skirt, canthus makeup is spent slightly, go up to also have the energy of life that order alcoholic drink personally, estimation is to just went out billow come back. Deserve to go up again the figure that she lets small wolf fondle admiringly then, have the feeling of Ben Zhang of kind of hematic arteries and veins immediately, come over in her water when hug the waist pulls a bosom in, old end sits on small wolf crotch directly, both hands annulus arrives in front separating dress shoot first to one side, as a result of,the likelihood is before the impression that leaves to Mi Ya is better, do not have how old defy, had turned round to cater to me instead, the hand also is extended make a round trip into small wolf trousers play, be bored with became crooked good a little while. I ask Mi Yaqing manage did not clear, the answer has cleared when waiting for me, wanting also is, from 100 child the bay arrives this plus other,

also have half many hour, satisfy oneself to be rinsed clean into the bathroom. The Mi Ya after coming out is given on him bath towel, although I want to use one-time but brush casually considering what do not affect rice Ya mood to affect a service to also use her (this is beyond the mark and close malpractice, he does not take you to become pure alien, of bath towel what do not give you one-time) . Brush into house, see Mi Ya is sticking up gigantic buttock to bend over to go up in the bed only, black silk deserves to go up red follow gutty and special temptation high, small wolf is impolite also, the spank before going up is patted go up in rice Ya buttock, after playing twice fig leaf of direct tear off, chrysanthemum and birdie expose outer limit, feel Mi Ya also sends wave a bit, chrysanthemum is closing and open slightly, JJ also falls than convention some bigger, the both hands after laying down continues play Shuang Feng, the Shuang Feng that at least D starts plays rising is bright. (say according to Mi Ya her bosom is original not small, after taking medicine, develop more grandly, come eventually now such. Although small wolf feels she makes handle art for certain all the time, but tell objectively come up from feel say to was not felt, and before the mark that adds this twice to also did not discover what blade and so on) knead hold lick sucked probably 56 minutes, mi Ya RT became element of two Mai Li forcedly, escape at full speed my devil’s talons, bend over in small wolf0757佛山js论坛 begin to take in and send out in large quantities between two legs small wolf brother, (comment on designedly here below, the dominant广州桑拿信息论坛 position with the largest than the girl TS depends on understanding man physiology too too namely, the mouth reachs the designated position not to have tine feeling again already alive, and come actively from time to time the tip of the tongue can be used again after deep throat down arrive from egg egg glans rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers so, bright is gotten very. ) often give out revive verbose revive the suck sound absorption of verbose, look up at the same time look at small wolf, continue again later deep throat a little while, small wolf feels bad to immediately cries stop, the Rangmiya after nap lies on his back begin breast to hand in, small wolf is crossed crouch on rice Ya face, among JJ park double peak, a person of extraordinary powers of Ya of rice of devastate of two tactics insanity breeds, still go JJ of Lu Lu Mi Ya, mi Ya begins to be poison of little younger brother dragon, lick an egg. Do sth over and over again meeting begin to prepare to enter subject, the brother that is small wolf wears good raincoat, mi Ya resembles day of day of bitch same chrysanthemum, buttock of two valve abundant is like two basketball same, when she clears before, should have Li has been wiped in past chrysanthemum, nevertheless to be fond of cherish she is small wolf or fill many lubricant, make a round trip to tease Mi Ya to use JB intentionally still loiter chrysanthemum (small wolf wants to do person evil spirit all the time shoot, exceed successful feeling) , inserted half glans to go in to pull out again once even come, keep all the time a JB of Ya playing rice, till her JB is hard also washed-up (be aimed at at TS, with us normal man is compared or have difference) when beginning excessive to cry, small wolf sends force suddenly, whole JB invades rice Ya chrysanthemum quickly, mi Ya one sound exclamations, ministry of root of JB of feeling of immediately small wolf is stayed in by constrictor firmly band of Mi Ya, smoke back and forth inserted have the impulse that should shoot unexpectedly without 100, small wolf is returned during do not have JB of Ya playing rice all the time absorption Man her, immediately makes him by force stanch impulse puts delay rhythm, but the movement on the hand is accelerated instead, concussion strength increases while at the same time JB is putting delay frequency, so that stimulate rice Ya prostate, the right hand is not to smoke her buttock to assault a breast namely, this action as expected be successful, probably the Mi Ya after 56 minutes makes be shot quite a few rare rare white liquid (very rare, be close to indefinitely at water, take white slightly) , feel she does an individual at the same time soft, the strength of anal constrictor is small many, small wolf sees procurable then no longer ink marks, begin to bump old end of Mi Ya desperately, about come down in torrents of descendants of the myriad after 45 minutes and piece. Unplug lie by Mi Ya after the hand continues not frank, after TS has been shot, may use u广州夜网SN论坛WKHp bigger, at least did not respond me 78 minutes, drowsily says ability later small wolf is too bad, I say if I am really bad a moment ago you after the loose woman was shot, I change a pose to be changed again last we two when doing, you face upward to lying one word horse continues to play you by the side of your chrysanthemum of the Man side me small JB, lane is not dead your, that ability cries really bad. The likelihood is bashful Mi Ya did not receive a sentence. Rested to meet Mi Ya asks return Man not Man , everybody knows the man was shot is Buddha, small wolf is same also, excuse will go to work tomorrow backtrack, act according to on fleshy gold dicker (through the friend the circle knows Mi Ya is basic now is 1200, my outfit is foolish, she also did not say. )With broad wolf friend here clew falls, if wanting to play TS, should notice to communicate above all (for example can the tongue is kissed, let do not let touch JB, but in order to call the other side the loose woman ah of and so on) , additionally him psychology wants reach a standard, others home took off trousers you are soft. PS: I do not take the picture, it is her in small letter, I pat be afraid of SB takes away period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am looking for younger sister to look to her, outer before world has had this kind of SB 1.jpg (98.39 KB)2017-3-3 16:09[Hide] 2.jpg (79.66 KB)2017-3-3 16:07 3.jpg (41.31 KB)2017-3-3 16:07 A.jpg (41.75 KB)2017-3-3 16:07[/ Hide][/ Hide] This card is final by Saiyamato at 2017-3-3 18:01 editor1 editorGrading records this note recentlySaiyamatoGold coin+ 118Your occurrence is everybody’s happiness and benefit, expect to blow hard next time! 2017广州夜生活网EDS-3-3 18:05SaiyamatoFormer achieve+ 1Your occurrence is everybody’s happiness and benefit, expect to blow hard next time! 2017-3-3 18:05SaiyamatoGold coin+ 200Your occurrence is everybody’s happiness and benefit, expect to blow hard next time! 2017-3-3 18:04



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