[Beijing] [achieve formerly] [on April 2, 2017] fine of graceful fine of favour of test and verify of br广州花社区上课idge establishing water (send guangzhou alone)

[Beijing] [achieve formerly] [on April 2, 2017] fine of graceful fine of favour of test and verify of bridge establishing water (send SIS alone) Edition advocate leave a messageXbeck(2017-4-18 14:17) : Offer connection way please, so that check grading! Use right report playing role to contact means to be able佛山桑拿夜生活论坛 to get grading award more quickly! [Beijing] [achieve formerly] [on April 2, 2017] fine of graceful fine of favour of test and verify of bridge establishin广佛街 论坛g water (send SIS alone)[achieve formerly] favour graceful beautiful[building phoenix address] : Boreal center home[service project] : Dry grind Ios[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fen飞机夜广州论坛首页gsu is qualitative] : 90[environmental equipment] : 90[recieve time] : In the evening before 11 o’clock[price level] : 500/60 minute be restricted 1 times, 800/1 hour 40 minutes infinite second[safety factor] : Very safe[download address] : Thread-7039110-1-1.html[pass with Lou Feng HP] : ? The earliest it is the card that saw Diao Xiaoshou, very tall to the evaluation of fine of favour graceful fine, live around 广州夜生活娱乐OHGagain, decisive headed for. The village that the girl stays in i深圳桑拿网 www.ai水墨.coms pretty good, pursue how-to in the cut of girl Qq all the way played room entrance, remind everybody not to knock, wait for a girl a little while to be able to open the door patiently. Girl thin thin and small is small, it is the kind that I like. But Yan Zhi is not tall, very tender. Bathe to be able to brush a foot to you with bumf, change slipper. Level of the service on the bed is really right, the mouth and tongue are very fierce, say like another wolf friend, her tongue is but hard but soft, a lot of fiercer than general technician. Do not remember the bosom is pushed push with buttock, but the A of smooth mouth and tongue, b face already very comfortable. The sense of Kb is good also, stronger

than general girl. But next half-length ability push oil first-rate compared with Shanghai or have with schoolboy of lubricating fluid service keep gap, the ^_^ that there is a few to rise in me nevertheless of course this level should be in Beijing had been top-ranking. Compare this price one hour 500 1 times, two 800 for the individual feels a service very value, more relaxed also than DH, be often the good choice of patronage. Be often the good choice of patronage.. This card is final by Xbeck at 2017-4-24 14:52 editors2 editorsGrading records this note recentlyXbeckGold coin+ 61Hair post worked hard2017-4-24 14:52



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