[letter area 2017 call for paper] [Liaoning广州夜生活娱乐QES n] beautiful young married woman of piscina of Na Zhansheng benefit is young on June 15, 2017 write down (send guangzhou alone)

[letter area 2017 call for paper] [Liaoning n] beautiful young married woman of piscina of Na Zhansheng benefit is young on June 15, 2017 write down (send SIS alone) Edition advocate leave a messageFair Jin of the color in color (2017-7-27 11:01) : Call for paper need is released in information activity areaPost of hair of building phoenix area, revise a form by the requirement please, will contact means [report] to edition advocate, thankXbeck(2017-8-19 08:28) : Edition of connection means PM advocate [letter area广州佛山桑拿论坛REW 2017 call for paper] [Liaoning n] [achieve formerly / test and verify] [on June 15, 2017] beautiful young married woman of piscina of Na Zhansheng benefit is young write down (send SIS alone)[building phoenix address] : ?  line danger is only alone heart gathers up rice of?00 of Mao ぬ [find fragrant time] : On June 15, 2017[service project] : Sufficient cure massages the flower that push oil a prisoner who can furnish information is straightforward[building phoenix amount] : 10 or so[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : Uneven actor bad not all 80 minutes[environmental equipment] : Bag room rests hall everything needed is ready is communal the shower room is large level of people common bathing pool[serve time] : 40 minutes come 1 hour[price level] : 128-300/ bell[safety factor] : 99[seek fragrant course] : Actually, great majority washs the person that bath employs technically, belong to satiate maintain, cry with northeast word ” idle BBear hard ” , the experience test and verify that I tell with everybody today this, and I have unexpected results however, really can yet be regarded asA paragraph of fun. A day when remember last lunar the middle ten days of a month afternoon, the subordinate of my department of a firm calls suddenly, say he arrives strokeArranged, of hard bubble of the use soft tactics in the phone, try every possible way to persuade sb before letting me, go south the station receives him, I am to be stupefied first, think laterIn the company the relation gets along well still, and still be a branch, not method can be gone to before drive car only. Still think have what big thing, let the car on him ask ability knows, it is special so search to n ” happy “Came. (PS: Nonlocal friend perhaps does not understand, this place belongs to n distant Shenyang area plays most HIGThe place of H, hall of sufficient cure song washs bath full street is bristly, not only of all sorts of conditions have, and very safe, it is of courseWhen working not quite)Return to the subject, actually oneself had not gone to this kind of place several years, he asks me specific whereGood, make me for a short while true still feel do not wear brains, be unable to bear or endure hard bubble of this boy use soft tactics, do not have method, can wear forcedly only firstLeather belt is worn piscina wins toward what test and verify passes before before him. From south the station drives 5 minutes, arrive be located in n joy garden is light industrial the triumphal piscina of hall ahead, old n personShould know, this piscina has had history of 449 years, estimation is even bigger than my age, currentestablishment just has been decorated. A 2 people enter the hall, above all the first feeling, decorate cannot say delicate, can say to return be able to pass only, change2 Lou Nan guest arrive on slipper. Buy towel to change clothes here is not expressed, enter area of male guest bath, here decorateWith the hall about the same, decorate general, dan Ting is clean, the bath area that the environment follows to wash bath commonly is a lot of larger than wanting, IPeople after 2 people developed a bath, change bath to take, go upstairs to approach a theme continuously. Do through enquiring male bath clerk is informed massage get on 6 buildings by elevator directly, of the greet after going upstairs unexpectedlyBetween the massage that is a big open mode, I cried, did not think of to come out however the eldest brother of a smooth wing, ” is the blind massaged ” do do not do? Lie groove, I two each other looked at that time, two people one face muddled B, this Ni Ma also too6? It is me what do more that brother asks me continuously, ” elder brother, are you no good all right ah ” ? I did not accost, take him directly by elevator, leave 4 floors, 4 buildings an eldest sister of the stage asks me two ” do byRub ” ? I look, such before. Then, I two be taken respectively two rooms, room establishment is looked at stillCan, with business affairs guesthouse about the same, have air conditioning, TV, independent toilet, the most important is clean, sheetThe quilt has been changed newly. Did not come a little while an eldest sister, look can have 3923 years old, do not show not onlyOld, and the face is comely, cosmetics of it doesn’t matter is angry, the bosom is quite plump, go up to have bit of flesh a little personally, it is my dish. Convention, ask the price first, 128 push oil (plane) , 258 great work, 300 straight, of course, Still the bosom shifts the beautiful work of what, but did not ask without interest. Tell the truth, this price is told in n belong toTaller, but taking a friend, do constraine佛山按摩论坛0757最新dly of 300. The advantage of eldest sister, besides charm strong, be able to bear or endure dry, work is good, comfortable beyond, can not install X again a little namely, bit of time is added to add bit of work if two people chat well of what irrespective, than a few just did this to go small femaleChild ambitious much. See me hold out satisfaction to her, eldest sister demur did not say, will give first on press freely hind back, againLoosen a leg, a work begins after be being loosened thoroughly, feel without tine and frequency is admirable, the sense is very good. Calculate on massage 2广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗0Belt of the ability after minute covers mount a horse, eldest sister very cooperate, be in the nude actively, make be moved again again, go-cart, ride by, stand, changeseveral poses, played to have more than 30 minutes ability capture g佛山桑拿夜蒲网un. Enquire her a few, answer 8. As to time, The whole thing add a many h

our one case. Be perfectly satisfied walks out of a room, desk clerk eldest sister tells me, I that brother rests early with respect to next buildingsThe hall, I go down to just discover, this boy has been asleep a long time. The inquiry after waking up is passed, this boy listens300 money, feel very cheap, looked for again unexpectedly, play Shuang Fei. Make me very amazed, helpless is, He himself does not give power, was done by two girls do not arrive ten minutes with respect to shipment. Then next buildings change clothes, settle accounts 950, I want a do the honours of originally, but his blame is being grabbed want to consume, Saying is to play to ask me namely, and it is very cheap to still say, saying is in Shenyang 1000 money also canLook for, I was not contended for again. Ate dot meal together subsequently, drive to send its to south station, oneself sit date of thunder sharp edgeReturn Shenyang. Experience of this day, still having really is, grow beautiful flower to be not put of purpose, the inadvertently Liu Chengyin that insert willowAs article area edition advocate, expensive edition area will participate in this to call for paper befo广州夜网论坛JFDre activity, it is to take an active part in an activity above all, Supportive everybody edition advocate the job, solid what dare contend for with each wolf friend the first the 2nd, alleged ” uncle Hu WeiqiuSweet, maple elder brother is decoration ” ! Encourage with gentleman! Encourage with gentleman!! This card is final by Tony3088 at 2017-7-26 18:29 editors9 editorsGrading records this note recentlyXbeckGold coin+ 80Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2017-8-21 08:57XbeckFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2017-8-21 08:57



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